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PUBG Mobile Gamepad + Heat Radiator

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Do you often try to loot in silence only to end up giving away your location over mistakenly touching 'Fire' on your screen?


The 4 fingers linkage system makes it easy to coordinate your 4 fingers to shoot, reload, move your viewing camera and aim, all while running!

PUBG Game-pad


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Sweaty fingers and palms stopping you from that Chicken Dinner? Or maybe it’s that short battery lifespan ~ Both as a result of an overheated phone due to an extended usage


Well, say goodbye to those problems with this handy BASEUS PUBG Game-pad that comes with:

  • Built-in cooling fan, playing while cooling, more fun with your games
  • Four fingers linkage, aiming and shooting can be done at the same time
  • Upgrade conductive silicone head enables quick and accurate shooting
  • Movable key adjustable to the comfortable position to prevent sore hands
  • Sharp tool for scoring towards winning a Chicken Dinner
  • Compatible with various models of mobile phones

Product Specifications
5V / 0.5A
Working time
6 hours
Fan speed
Battery capacity
Charging interface
Micro USB
Charging time
≤1.5 hours
Applicable models
Most smartphones (4.7 - 6.5 inches)
Package included
1 x BASEUS Winner Cooling Heat Sink

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable